Horn of salvation

I heard a trumpet blast in the spiritual realm, a resounding, heavenly, call to salvation. And I saw a horn; white, with ornate ancient carvings. It looked very expensive and well-crafted, intricate and beautiful. This is the ‘horn of salvation’; ancient, and beautiful to God. Its call causes the soldiers of Christ Jesus to rise […]

You are essential

A mechanism which is reliant upon cogs connecting with each other needs every individual cog to work – whether large or small – to work together efficiently. If one small cog is missing the whole mechanism will not work correctly. You are not ineffective or small in the eyes of the Lord. As you take your […]

The Remnant

I call you my remnant. I call you from the four corners of the earth to come forth. I call you out of the places of comfort.I call you even out from in front of your TVs, your music and all your pastimes, to come and to stand before me. I long to release my […]

You’re Alive!

Whilst you still have breath in your body, know that you are alive! Have you ever had the feeling that you’re ‘marking time’, as if waiting for something else, something more to happen? Is it a ‘call’ that you are waiting on? If so, know that you are called today. The call of the Lord is […]

Time to press play!

I am releasing the pause button over you. Where you have felt stuck and ‘frozen’ I am bringing movement and freedom now. You’ve been in a time of “Batten down the hatches!” and “Take cover!”, but now I am saying, “Rise up beautiful one”. Look around you and step out from under the things in […]

Sheep Who Hear

“I am calling you”, the Shepherd says. “It is time for my sheep to move and I require attentive ears within the flock, attentive ears who will focus in on my call, recognising my voice out of all the other bleating and baa-ing that surrounds you”. You recognise your Master’s voice and you will be […]