Awake Awake!

I am calling you, my children, to awaken today. Awake and arise from your spiritual slumber. Too long have you listened to the voices around you that say, “Sleep a little longer! There’s plenty of time!” I say to you, Awake! Arise from your slumber! Do you see the dust around you? Do you see […]

You are essential

A mechanism which is reliant upon cogs connecting with each other needs every individual cog to work – whether large or small – to work together efficiently. If one small cog is missing the whole mechanism will not work correctly. You are not ineffective or small in the eyes of the Lord. As you take your […]

Will you let Me in?

The Lord is sweeping through the streets of your city. He is knocking on your door and asking if He could come in and sweep away everything that hinders. The Lord is saying it is time to clean up the dirt (sin) from the city. He is calling you to pray – to ask Him […]


I call you ‘warrior’. I call you, warrior! Come, arise, walk into the calling on your life. No more defeat, no more waiting for permission from man to arise to your rightful place in me! I know my chosen ones and I call them by name. I have placed eternity in your heart. Now is […]

Time to press play!

I am releasing the pause button over you. Where you have felt stuck and ‘frozen’ I am bringing movement and freedom now. You’ve been in a time of “Batten down the hatches!” and “Take cover!”, but now I am saying, “Rise up beautiful one”. Look around you and step out from under the things in […]

New places of encounter

Look up. Look unto Me. I am moving and you can feel me. I am shaking the familiar and stretching your Spiritual comfort zone. Ask for more –  for in this season I will take you to new places of encounter, in ways you have not yet experienced. Do not dismiss the sense you have that I am calling […]