‘Lion Roars’ – Prophetic Word, June 2014

Advance without delay! The anointing for this time is for advance and breakthrough. It is time for a new level and God is opening the doors of heaven to facilitate advance and breakthrough for you – personally, in your family, your business, your church, your community… God wants to take us to a new place. […]

Winds of change

I come as a violent rushing wind to My church. I do not come to destroy you but to blow powerfully through your midst; to remove the old ways; to remove that which does not bear fruit; to remove that which is not rooted and grounded in Me and My Kingdom. This is My wind […]

UK Prophetic Council – Word for 2013

2013 promises to be a significant year! We have great pleasure in publishing, below, prophetic revelation from one of the many groups of UK prophets, the UK Prophetic Council. Emma Stark represents Glasgow Prophetic Centre on this body. The contributors to the word below were Simon Baddeley, Liz Evans, Suzanne Ferrett, Steve Hepden, Machelle Joseph, Sarah […]

Don’t despair

Do not despair at what you see, hear and read all around you. Though it feels like the present darkness of this age is on an exponential increase, know that the beloved church of Jesus Christ will be victorious. Hell shall not prevail. Shall NOT prevail. The evil that is dropping all around is part […]

A call to unity

The Spirit of the Lord says, I see how the enemy has bought confusion and division among My people. Today I am calling My people to unity. For where unity is, there is blessing, favour and life. My children, don’t be unaware of the enemy’s schemes. He has used offense, rejection and pride to divide the […]

You belong to Me and My people

You have felt like an outsider in the house of God. You have said about yourself, ‘I do not belong’ and about others, ‘they are not my people’. But today the LORD wants to circumvent this negative pattern of belief and behaviour with His promises. He says: ‘You belong to Me, and you belong within […]

You are essential

A mechanism which is reliant upon cogs connecting with each other needs every individual cog to work – whether large or small – to work together efficiently. If one small cog is missing the whole mechanism will not work correctly. You are not ineffective or small in the eyes of the Lord. As you take your […]

Time to awaken

Wake up and see the new day. Wake up my child! Wake up and see the new day, for I am coming! Prepare yourself! Make ready and prepare your heart and soul for I am coming quickly. This is the hour, this is the time when I come to take my Bride. This is the […]

Choose Unity

Psalm 133:1,3 How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity! …For there the Lord bestows his blessing, even life forevermore. I am coming as a lion to tear down that which needs torn down. I am tearing down the walls, the boundaries, between you and me. They are coming down. The […]

The King is Coming

Just as waves lap on the shore, each one moving into the land, the Lord says, ‘I am coming… I am coming… I am coming… Are you ready for my coming? Is your heart open? Is your mind focused on me and my ways? Are you ready to be taken deeper into who I am, […]