Harvest Preparations

You have asked Me for the harvest. You have prayed faithfully for those that are yet to know Me. And now I say to you also: begin to ask Me to make you ready for the harvest. Pray that you will begin to be more aware of My presence and holiness. For I am bringing a new season of […]

Refining Fire

I am coming ever closer with My refining fire – that which transforms and renews (makes all things new). I am releasing a greater intensity of My fire in this hour to bring you into a new place of belonging and greater saturation of Me. I am bringing things to mind at this time that […]

Will you let Me in?

The Lord is sweeping through the streets of your city. He is knocking on your door and asking if He could come in and sweep away everything that hinders. The Lord is saying it is time to clean up the dirt (sin) from the city. He is calling you to pray – to ask Him […]

Clean Clothes

You are a new creation. Jesus Christ, your Saviour, reminds you that by His blood, all those who are in Him have been cleansed of their iniquities, their wrongdoings and of all the marks of their old rebellious natures. So don’t walk out today in your old clothes! You wouldn’t go to your dirty laundry […]

Choose Purity

I am calling you higher and deeper. I am calling you forward and into my presence. You ask, ‘But how can I ascend the hill of the Lord?’ You need to choose to come before me and lay all of your thoughts, actions, words and desires at my feet. I know your heart – you […]