The Lord is bringing quality to you

The Lord wants to bring an enhancement of quality to your day-to-day life. Do you often find that you are in a place where 24 hours will go by and there has been no colour or life in your day? Well, the Lord wants to remind you that you areHis precious child, and that He gives you life […]

The Lion of Judah Roars

I see the Lion of Judah roaring over you with power that blasts off all of the clothes you wear. Clothes of depression, even low mood, addictions, lusts; ungodly beliefs, desires and thoughts. As He roars, the clothes are simply blasted away, completely – and you are left with brand new shiny clothes which are […]

Clean Clothes

You are a new creation. Jesus Christ, your Saviour, reminds you that by His blood, all those who are in Him have been cleansed of their iniquities, their wrongdoings and of all the marks of their old rebellious natures. So don’t walk out today in your old clothes! You wouldn’t go to your dirty laundry […]