Don’t let the fear of failure stop you

You have said, ‘I can’t do this alone’ and so you look to be with those of like mind; those of like spirit and heart. This is truly a good thing, as those who love me, and love you, will help you to walk into the fullness of my desires for you. Yet, you also […]

Get in position to be effective and fruitful

My children, some of you have been playing in the wrong position. You have played ‘from the back’ and wondered why you kept missing out on the ball. I am repositioning you now to the place you were designed for. You thought you knew better about your position on the field but it has only […]

Let me re-ignite who I created you to be

Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty in you. Holy, Holy, Holy, am I, the Holy Spirit who lives in you. Holy I have declared you. You are Holy, because I am Holy. When I see you, I see my life, my destiny, my purpose, my creation perfected and the fullness of the identity […]