The declaration of warrior-men

The swords are held high and I see a line of warrior-men; true and steady, slowly marching to the beat. The beat is drawing these men in unity, drawing them to lead the way. It draws them to say, ‘No more!’ and to declare that righteousness, truth and love will and shall be brought back […]

It won’t fit! Don’t you care, Father?

I saw a scene with a young child sitting in front of a toy – the wooden toy where the square block fits into the square hole and so on. The child would pick up the same block over and over again. I watched as, time after time, he tried to fit the block into […]

Be Bold! It is time to take ground!

Just as in the days of Joshua I am calling you to be bold and courageous. Do not stay in the places of timidity, for I have put a tenacity and determination and warring shout inside of you. I am about to open up the way for you to cross over into new things: you […]