Good boundaries

Don’t get frustrated at the good boundaries that the Lord has placed in your life. They are there to protect you, not restrict. He has set these boundaries because you do not see the danger that lies outside them. Trust Him on this. The Lord wants you to come into a new level of trust with Him […]

Healthy growth and fruitfulness

My child, truly my gospel is one of freedom and grace! I am growing you as a vine grows in good soil: heavy with abundant fruit, full of leaf, full of colour and wildly cascading in all directions. Yet there is also discipline in the vineyard. Expect pruning and plan your daily and seasonal routines. […]

Re-kindle the fire

Get your trust back; start now make new boundaries for yourself. Forgive yourself – and forgive those who you have tried to impress, only to be crushed and discouraged. Lift your head up and know how much you are loved. Read more of the Word. Get into that place of discipline again. You have not […]