Seek Me first and I will protect you

I embrace you, my child, and wrap you in my love. Just as a child watching a meal being prepared looks up to the pots and pans on the hot stove, you do not see the danger. A child does not see the danger of the hot food being prepared; he only sees the handle […]

The Father’s loving gaze is upon you

A mother stands at the side of the cradle, watching lovingly as the little one sleeps. Her husband drapes a blanket over her shoulders and stands behind her holding her tight. The two of them gaze in awe and love at the little one asleep in the cradle. Father God would say to you this […]

Be tightly knitted together in love

I am weaving my people together in new ways, creating new patterns and new fabrics amongst my people, says the Spirit of the Lord. This is a time for unity. It is a time for proactively making bonds with each other. If there is someone who you have felt you should be getting to know, […]