Come and live by God’s power

Saints of Almighty God! Why do you look for a Samson to come and demonstrate the power of God to the peoples and powers of this age? Why are you waiting on a Deborah or a Gideon to arrive and bring change? The days of the Judges are over! We have a King and these […]

The Veil of Truth and Revelation

I see the Father holding open a veil, His veil of Truth and Revelation. He beckons me to enter in. I expect to see a table laden with all kinds of food but instead, there upon the table, are all sorts of tools, saws, hammers, drills and so on. The questions start to come – […]

Your sound – the sound of the warrior

I hear a sound. It’s a different sound. It’s the sound of one who is being drawn, trained and equipped to fulfill their destiny. It’s you – it’s you, the Lord’s warrior. And the Lord says to you, ‘It’s you that I draw to me, call to me – to meet with me, to dwell […]