Hope for your situation

My child, know that I am the God of Hope. You have walked through a season that has overwhelmed you and caused you to be more familiar with hopelessness. Today, I want you to know me again as the God of hope like you did in past seasons. But now, I want to flood every […]

A call to unity

The Spirit of the Lord says, I see how the enemy has bought confusion and division among My people. Today I am calling My people to unity. For where unity is, there is blessing, favour and life. My children, don’t be unaware of the enemy’s schemes. He has used offense, rejection and pride to divide the […]

Making all things new

You have received much from Me in this past season. Even as you have slept, I have poured in My peace. I have poured in My goodness and I have poured in My life, into the very core of who you are. I am now making you conscious of all that I have done in […]

You belong to Me and My people

You have felt like an outsider in the house of God. You have said about yourself, ‘I do not belong’ and about others, ‘they are not my people’. But today the LORD wants to circumvent this negative pattern of belief and behaviour with His promises. He says: ‘You belong to Me, and you belong within […]

Plans for transformation

You say to me, ‘rend the heavens’, and I respond, ‘rend your heart’. You cry out to me for mercy and I will indeed give both my grace and mercy to you in full measure. Yet you must break open your heart to me because I am a jealous God and I desire your full attention. […]

Know your roots

Do you know what lies ‘under the surface’ of your life? Do you know the wiring, the pipework, the roots and the waterways than run ‘under and into’ your life? Some of these pipes were laid down generations before your birth, yet they may still run up from under the surface and have an influence […]

A peace and clarity is coming

I saw a vision of you, standing looking into a pool in a gently-flowing river, your reflection becoming clearer as the water flowed more calmly. As you looked closer, the things which have been confusing and concerning you suddenly made sense. You see who you are and, more importantly, who your God is. Peace is […]

Righteousness, Peace, Joy

Righteousness, peace and joy. These are some of the things you seek. Your heart cries out for these truths to be a deeper part of your life. I tell you that your prayers have not fallen on deaf ears, for I the Lord have come to bring these three more fully into your life. ‘How?’ […]

Re-open the wells

Beloved, now is the time to re-open the wells that have been stopped up for generations, those ancient wells of revival. Father God is giving you new weapons in order to cut through the dross and to smash the caps that have been placed on them; to call what once was to come back to […]

The Father’s loving gaze is upon you

A mother stands at the side of the cradle, watching lovingly as the little one sleeps. Her husband drapes a blanket over her shoulders and stands behind her holding her tight. The two of them gaze in awe and love at the little one asleep in the cradle. Father God would say to you this […]