Time to awaken

Wake up and see the new day. Wake up my child! Wake up and see the new day, for I am coming! Prepare yourself! Make ready and prepare your heart and soul for I am coming quickly. This is the hour, this is the time when I come to take my Bride. This is the […]

The Lord is bringing quality to you

The Lord wants to bring an enhancement of quality to your day-to-day life. Do you often find that you are in a place where 24 hours will go by and there has been no colour or life in your day? Well, the Lord wants to remind you that you areHis precious child, and that He gives you life […]

Come Deeper

You have heard the call to venture deeper into the river of the Lord but still you battle with your natural instinct to keep within reach of the edge. Perhaps you’re still only in the water up to your knees; perhaps you’re further in but are still attached to the bank by a lifebelt. Today the […]