Lay it down

Beloved, I am calling you to lay down all frustration and irritation that have come from a sense of personal injustice. Do not buy in to those subtle suggestions whispered into your ear by the enemy. These were lies spoken to distract and disarm you. Pay attention and take heed, particularly at this time when […]

Choose to bless

Choose to bless those who have cursed you.  The Lord is dealing with those who spoke against you – He is not asking you to re-live and re-examine the old wounds of the past. No longer hold on to offence. Be quick to release forgiveness and watch how He heals and restores your heart. He has enabled you to carry […]

For the offended: those who endure injustice and accusation

I see a man and he is angry. What was done to him is unjust and his case against his accuser is certainly clear. Yet, in this picture no one seems to be coming to his aid. He cries out to God, ‘where are you when the righteous suffer undue accusations and lies?’ I hear the Lord […]

Pins and Needles

The Lord has good news for those of you who have been feeling like you have a case of spiritual ‘pins and needles’! Perhaps you have felt a little spiritually numb, even a little lifeless and that you now feel like somehow you aren’t a joined-on part of the body. Physically, these feelings can occur […]

Clean out the old and see what I will do!

Today is the day for you to clean out the old. The old that I am talking about are the offences and the hurts by the hands and words of others that you have held onto for so long. Some you have buried in that place of forgotten-ness, yet some are fresh and raw. I […]

The Gathering of Unity

I saw a Scottish piper in full clan regalia (kilt, jacket, bonnet and so on). He was standing on top of a hillside playing the bagpipes. Having been called by the sound of the pipes, thousands of people were coming into the valley below for ‘The Gathering’. Then I heard the Lord say: Do you […]

Re-kindle the fire

Get your trust back; start now make new boundaries for yourself. Forgive yourself – and forgive those who you have tried to impress, only to be crushed and discouraged. Lift your head up and know how much you are loved. Read more of the Word. Get into that place of discipline again. You have not […]

Forwards to your completed restoration

Father says: Your destiny and my plan for your life is up ahead of you, not behind. The time for lingering and looking back is coming to an end. I would not have you focused on the past any longer, but encourage you now to forgive and move forward. I want to bring you to […]

A Spiritual Battle

The Lord says, ‘Yes, you are in a battle but you must remember that it is a spiritual one. I am not calling you to bring change by being at war with people. I am calling you to be the one that brings love and peace into all situations and the lives of those around you. […]

Let it Go

My child, I know. I know that you think your walk with me would be easier sometimes if it were not alongside other saints! I understand that you have been insulted, misunderstood, overlooked, rejected, wounded, ignored, hurt, confused and forgotten by those who are your brothers and sisters in Christ. I know. Yet, haven’t you also […]