The perfect engine

I saw an engine for a car being built. I watched as each part was placed in the right place. I watched as it was bolted and screwed together and as pumps were added. I watched as it was tested as they turned it on. I heard the low rumbling as they went through the […]


I am overwhelming you with my presence and my life. I am setting before you my love and life. Will you choose this day to take hold of the fullness of it and step into the new? Will you decide to stay where it is comfortable or stretch forth into the promises I have for […]

It is time…

Press through my child, press through – into the unchartered waters I have laid before you. I am with you and I see that you are with me. So hold fast to me as we go forward together. I will not forsake you or leave you – I am with you always… Yet you need […]

Seeing the way ahead

Today God wants to illuminate the next step in an area of your life that you have held back from taking a decision in. Up to now you have mulled over several options, but today God will enable you to see which is the way forward. You will receive a new perspective. It will be […]


I call you ‘warrior’. I call you, warrior! Come, arise, walk into the calling on your life. No more defeat, no more waiting for permission from man to arise to your rightful place in me! I know my chosen ones and I call them by name. I have placed eternity in your heart. Now is […]

Forward Propulsion!

Be strong. Stand firm! Face forwards and look to what the Lord is doing – and is going to do. Though there is great trouble around and behind you – and though you feel that this is on the increase, coming like an explosion in a tunnel – the Lord will make use of it […]

I am here, say ‘yes’

To you who are lonely, you who are isolated and you who cry out in the night and desire rescue, I say: Here I am. I am here. I am coming and I will be your fulfillment. Your heart’s cry is heard, your life is in my hands and will be fulfilled in all righteousness […]

Walk forward to the adventure ahead

Disappointment has caused you to dwell on past events, so much so that it has now become a hindrance. Instead of dreaming with expectancy and anticipation for future things, your time is spent regretting and pining for the things of the past. God is calling you now to let go of those past events. Trust him […]

Forwards to your completed restoration

Father says: Your destiny and my plan for your life is up ahead of you, not behind. The time for lingering and looking back is coming to an end. I would not have you focused on the past any longer, but encourage you now to forgive and move forward. I want to bring you to […]

Freedom to your feet

I hear the Lord say, “I am cutting the strong ropes off your feet, will you work with me in this?” These ropes are the frustration, irritation, disappointment and even anger that you have been carrying. They have caused your ankles to bleed and have hindered your forward movement. Today will you choose to give […]