Friday Fire!

Please note that this is an in-person event. We also broadcast a live, unedited stream of each event here on this page and on our YouTube channel. Join us for […]

Come and grow

God would remind you today that there are no corners in His Kingdom. He has not placed you in a corner and forgotten about you. There is nowhere for you […]

See with new hope

Do not despair in these times. Allow Me to lift the veil of oppression, fear, doubt, worry and stress from you. Choose to breathe in My life-giving words, words that […]

Season of sifting

You have walked through the seasons of shaking and shifting. Now I call you into a season of sifting. Allow me to show you that which is no longer necessary. […]

Enjoy the process

I heard God say, ‘My beloved you are running so fast to try to make the vision I gave you for your life happen that you are forgetting  to enjoy […]

One sequence at a time

I see a padlock that requires a combination code to unlock it. And the Spirit of the Lord says, ‘You have had many locksmiths come to try and unlock the […]

Don’t hold back

Why do you hold back out of fear? Why do you fear the future? Have I not told you I will supply all your needs? Then why do you hold […]

Freedom from frustration

God is seeking to lift irritation and frustration off your life. He has watched these feelings grow in you and has seen where they have spilled over in anger. This ‘spilled […]

Freedom in Christ

Freedom to laugh. Freedom to sing. Freedom to dance. Freedom to be. Today I give you freedom. Freedom to be who I have made you to be. I have released […]