Expectant to the breath of God

Genesis 2:7 Then the Lord God formed a man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living […]

Enjoy the process

I heard God say, ‘My beloved you are running so fast to try to make the vision I gave you for your life happen that you are forgetting  to enjoy […]

Plans for transformation

You say to me, ‘rend the heavens’, and I respond, ‘rend your heart’. You cry out to me for mercy and I will indeed give both my grace and mercy to […]

A light in the tunnel

I am bringing light to those things that have been hiding in the darkness around you. Everything will be seen and exposed in my light. It is time to come […]

Time to live in the fullness of maturity

The Lord says to you, I have seen how this past season has been arduous at times. You’ve trained hard and withstood many trials and temptations. You’ve learned submission to […]

Do you see the shift in your life?

I am watching over you. I know your heart: its desires, its joy, its lacking, its longing. I hear your heart’s cry for more of me in your life. I […]

Righteousness, peace and joy

It is time for you to align with what the Holy Spirit was sent to bring into your life. Exuberant joy, peace that passes understanding and a love for righteousness […]

I Am Your Healer

Did you know that I am your healer? I will provide all that you need. Bring me your heart, your pain, your worry; bring me your physical pain, your disability, […]

Good Things

Don’t look to your bank accounts, job title, mortgage or relationships for an indication of your worth – it is all about your relationship with Me. Do I feed you from […]

Let my joy be your strength

The joy of the Lord does not always ‘make sense’ to us. It is not happiness or contentment. It doesn’t rely on ‘good days’ or circumstances going well. It does […]