See the greater gifts for you

Our Lord Jesus Christ would have you know that you have not reached your peak! He is far from finished with you on this earth and there is so much […]

Your gifts

The Holy Spirit has taken great care to pick out only the perfect gifts for you; to wrap them and prepare them – just for you. Now you have unwrapped […]


Growth is dependent upon what you do with what God has given to you. Moses only had a staff and yet with it and the word of the Lord he […]

The Jewel

Creator God holds you up before His eye. You are a beautiful, sparkling jewel in His mighty hand and striking, colourful shards of light burst forth from every side and […]

“Yes, I AM talented!”

Children of the living God, we are fearfully and wonderfully made! You are fearfully and wonderfully made. An awesome and miraculous process has got you to where you are now, today. Supernatural […]