Pruned for growth

You have looked at different aspects of your life as of late, and you have wondered: things that once held so much attraction now seem dull and uninteresting; passions for things of the world have waned. I am taking you through a short period of pruning. As you yield to Me and rest in Me, […]

Secrets of My heart

Listen and take heed when I speak to you about things that are only for you and I. If I whisper in your ear secrets of My heart for you, they are like precious stones that need to be taken care of and pondered in your heart. They are solely from My heart to yours, […]

Immanuel, God is with us!

Matthew 1:23 The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel – which means, “God with us”. As we share in our traditions this Christmas, we joyfully celebrate a moment in history – THE moment in history, the pivot point for humankind: Immanuel, God is […]

Unexpected Gifts

My children! You who are called by My name! You who are standing with Me and calling for Me to come and move! I am releasing delights to you! Delights in the things of My Kingdom. As you watch and survey all that is good and noble of My Kingdom, you will access new levels […]

Don’t hold back

Why do you hold back out of fear? Why do you fear the future? Have I not told you I will supply all your needs? Then why do you hold back when I call you to give? I call you to a new freedom of giving. To give out of lack is a greater sacrifice […]

See the greater gifts for you

Our Lord Jesus Christ would have you know that you have not reached your peak! He is far from finished with you on this earth and there is so much more to be unwrapped of your spiritual gifting! Picture it like this: the Holy Spirit came to you in the garden and gave you a […]

Your gifts

The Holy Spirit has taken great care to pick out only the perfect gifts for you; to wrap them and prepare them – just for you. Now you have unwrapped them with gentleness and care. However, at times you have held these gifts in your hand and said, ‘What am I going to do with […]


Growth is dependent upon what you do with what God has given to you. Moses only had a staff and yet with it and the word of the Lord he saw the Red Sea parted and all of Israel delivered from slavery in Egypt. But Moses ‘turned aside’ to see the burning bush and hear […]

The Jewel

Creator God holds you up before His eye. You are a beautiful, sparkling jewel in His mighty hand and striking, colourful shards of light burst forth from every side and angle of you. Your Heavenly Father is delighted with you and is proud of His craftsmanship. But I hear the jewel groan as He turns it […]

The Veil of Truth and Revelation

I see the Father holding open a veil, His veil of Truth and Revelation. He beckons me to enter in. I expect to see a table laden with all kinds of food but instead, there upon the table, are all sorts of tools, saws, hammers, drills and so on. The questions start to come – […]