My voice moves you to greater freedom and grace

My child, I’ve promised you abundant life, yet you feel cheated, disappointed. You ask, ‘Why did this happen? Why was that said to me? Where does my help come from?’ My child, I know how you feel. For we do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathise with our weaknesses, but we have one […]

Child, I esteem you

Child, I esteem you. I honour you. I see your faithfulness to me over time and today I want you to hear my ‘Well Done’. You have walked with grace and tenacity and over you I delight today. I speak over your spirit and I commend you. Isaiah 66:2b These are the ones I look […]

The secret of the Lord…

Isaiah 28:10 For He says, ‘Order on order, order on order, Line on line, line on line, A little here, a little there.’ My ways are not your ways, neither is My order like your order; they are far above what you can imagine. BUT, if you will seek Me, I will reveal them to […]

Cast off all entanglements

The Lord revealed a vision of cobwebs, clinging to – and surrounding – someone’s lower legs, almost tying up the legs. The cobwebs didn’t look very strong; they looked as though they could be easily brushed away – yet all the same they seemed to hinder and slow forward movement. The cobwebs represent being trapped […]

Believe what I have created you to be

Grace, mercy, power, kindness, goodness and  self-control. These are the things that I am building into your life. Look back at where you have come from. Do you not see the changes that I have made? Do you not remember the times when you acted in ways that were not of me? But now your […]

Whirlwind of freedom and purity

I see a whirlwind, like a brilliant white tornado, representing the growing influence of the Spirit of God’s power and grace in your life. The wind is there to remove those roots of darkness in hidden closed rooms and comes to bring freedom; and to increase your ability to fellowship and flow with the body […]

The Liberty of the Blood of Jesus

When you accepted Jesus, his blood covered you and testifies that you are under mercy, not judgement. His blood brings life, not death; health, not disease; and freedom, not captivity. You are ‘under’ the blood of the Lamb. No longer is there condemnation or vengeance stored up for you. Jesus’ blood means you face only […]

Iron sharpens iron

I see two people, perhaps one of them is you? Truth is being proclaimed by both of them. Both are right, yet the way forward seems impossible. You say, ‘Why have you put this person in my life? I love them but at times I simply can’t stand them! Lord, my God, can you not […]

Come, rest in my grace and favour

It’s enough, it’s enough, it’s enough… my grace is really enough! Standing in me, facing forward is all that I am asking of you. I am not asking for you to create or design or make the way clear. I am not asking for you to change the ones in front of you. I am not […]

Healthy growth and fruitfulness

My child, truly my gospel is one of freedom and grace! I am growing you as a vine grows in good soil: heavy with abundant fruit, full of leaf, full of colour and wildly cascading in all directions. Yet there is also discipline in the vineyard. Expect pruning and plan your daily and seasonal routines. […]