Pruned for growth

You have looked at different aspects of your life as of late, and you have wondered: things that once held so much attraction now seem dull and uninteresting; passions for things of the world have waned. I am taking you through a short period of pruning. As you yield to Me and rest in Me, […]

Your growth

You are currently in a new season of growth in your life. Supernatural, accelerated growth! In the natural season we are in, a lot of growth has slowed down and even stopped. But you are of God’s Kingdom, born of the Spirit! Look beyond what you see with your eyes. Look at where you are today […]

Time to live in the fullness of maturity

The Lord says to you, I have seen how this past season has been arduous at times. You’ve trained hard and withstood many trials and temptations. You’ve learned submission to my voice – even when it seemed more obvious to go a different direction and do your own thing. As a child becomes a teenager […]

A heart expansion

My child, the words I give you today are medicine for your heart. You may not understand what my words mean but receive them in your heart, for I am doing a new thing inside of you: I am increasing your capacity: to love; to give and receive understanding; to listen and act without fear. […]

Be encouraged by the results

Galatians 5:22-23 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law. These are the results of me in your life, the evidence that I am at work in you. Look at yourself, at your heart and see what I am […]

You are alive and growing!

You are a well watered garden; you are a well planted garden. I hear God talk about all the great seeds He has sown inside you, seeds deposited deep in the rich centre of who He made you to be. Seeds that carry life. These seeds are awakening with new signs of life. Jesus’ prayers […]

A growth explosion in your life

There are some areas of your life you despair about and you repeatedly worry over them. You have recently become resigned to them staying as they currently are. There is a sense of you being stuck in the mud with them. I saw God ‘mushrooming’ them into growth and I heard God say, over and […]

Know my love for you today

Know this day that I love you and that my heart delights in you. Do not be discouraged today because of the pressures and the tensions that you face. Continually check your heart’s alignment with my heart and with my will, because a season of great fruitfulness is coming for you and a season of great […]