Days of Power – Start 2020 Right!

Europe’s largest annual prophetic gathering – passionate worship, prophecy and powerful teaching from Emma Stark, Larry Sparks, Simon Braker & guests. Join 500 passionate and hungry worshippers in February 2020 as Glasgow Prophetic Centre’s eighth annual ‘start the year right’ conference once again returns to Glasgow’s prestigious Royal Concert Hall. Special guests include Larry […]

‘Peace Be’ to Your Circumstances

Jesus is standing in the midst of your circumstances like He did on the boat in the midst of a storm with His disciples and, like that moment, decreeing ‘peace be’ to every storm you find yourself in. For God does not desire that you live life always fighting through winds and waves, He did not position […]

Lay hold of your healing

It is always our compassionate Saviour’s desire to heal. We are going to see this visibly demonstrated in greater measure in the coming days. Old wells of healing have been re-opened, many new wells have been dug. We are in a year, a decade of miracles….. increasing, increasing, increasing. It is time for YOU who […]

Let Jesus take care of the damage

He says to those of you who have suffered loss – ‘My dear child, I weep with you for what has been stolen and smashed. I weep with you over those precious, fragile things that were wrenched from your hand and dashed into pieces on the ground.’ ‘My child, may I hold these hands of […]

Healing the open wounds of justice

Injustice can cause great scars. The Holy Spirit is revealing that some have been dealt such lashes by injustice that it is as if their skin has been torn to shreds. The enemy has then taken great delight in throwing grit into the open wounds, causing more torment and extending the agony. For those who […]

Let faith arise

I hear the Lord say, ‘Let faith arise, let faith arise, let faith arise within your spirits! …Not just for your daily needs but for so much more. Do not limit or cap what I want to do in your life and through your life. I am releasing to you this day new levels of […]


I hear the Holy Spirit repeat, over and over again, ‘I am aligning, I am aligning, I am aligning.’ He is doing a work of alignment in both the heavens and the earth in this portion of time. As He did in the days before the birth of Jesus Christ, when a star in the […]


Will you allow Me to come and remove the splinters from your life? Why do you fear the pain of the removal of these things that would irritate and agitate you? Are you more willing to allow these things to fester and rot in your life than you are willing to allow Me to remove […]

Life, healing, hope, vision, restoration!

‘I am healing, restoring and re-envisioning My people in this season’, says the Lord. ‘Where you have become weary and wounded from the battle, I am bringing healing and restoration. It is My will that you not only run the race, but run it well, whole and with renewed vision. Some of My people have […]

Mountain, Be Moved!

Just as Jesus commanded the lame man to pick up his mat and walk (John 5), so He is commanding you to speak to sickness and tell it to go. He reminds you today that you He has given you authority to command things to come into order – to speak to the ‘mountain’ and […]