Don’t be a wallflower!

Don’t be a ‘wallflower’ in the Kingdom. Someone needs your help. There are leaders and ministries who need your hands at the pump. There is a place for you in the body. Rest when God tells you to rest, receive when God tells you to receive and give when God tells you to give. Say […]

The Lord is working on your behalf

Regardless of how you may feel, regardless of how you may perceive your circumstances, regardless of what you may see… I STILL have my finger on the pulse You only see what is before you, so you do not have full understanding of the beginning and the end. I, your Lord God, see the whole […]


The Lord showed me a vision of white crosses moving along the highways and byways; down the roads and the freeways of the world. As the crosses moved forward, I saw that there were people carrying the crosses. The crosses represented the churches of the world and the people were congregations, those that step up […]

Don’t look to your failings and fears

Father God call to you – Beloved, why do you listen to the enemy’s lies when he tries to entangle you in works and worry? I have spoken life and victory, which I have secured, over you. Don’t look to your failings and fears – I don’t! I look at you through the righteousness of My […]

It won’t fit! Don’t you care, Father?

I saw a scene with a young child sitting in front of a toy – the wooden toy where the square block fits into the square hole and so on. The child would pick up the same block over and over again. I watched as, time after time, he tried to fit the block into […]

I am always for you

My invitation to you remains the same: call my name, let me bring you my peace. I don’t want you to worry and fear when you are in the midst of troubles. Seek my help, let me be your deliverer. I will not abandon you or turn my back on you. I am ALWAYS for you, always […]

Dare to love today

There will be opportunities for you to love today. Situations will arise where the normal or worldly reaction to those situations would produce strife, division and stress. But, as I freely give you my love, choose to give of your love and grace today, even if it is not returned; because I say to you, […]