Another level of life

The Lord is calling you to awaken to another level of life. Now is the time to be alert and to sit up and watch what He is doing on the Earth. For now is the time of change – of sudden shifts and alterations in the times you are in. He is calling you […]

Expectant to the breath of God

Genesis 2:7 Then the Lord God formed a man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being The Lord God says, ‘I am breathing new life into you!’ ‘Where living in this world has brought decay and rot I am now […]

The perfect engine

I saw an engine for a car being built. I watched as each part was placed in the right place. I watched as it was bolted and screwed together and as pumps were added. I watched as it was tested as they turned it on. I heard the low rumbling as they went through the […]

The harvest is ready

I have made you fishers of men. Follow me today and see where I am moving. See where the Holy Spirit hovers and broods. The harvest is ready. It’s time to bring it in! From today, as you follow the leading of Holy Spirit, you will know an ease and you will see the readiness […]

See the greater gifts for you

Our Lord Jesus Christ would have you know that you have not reached your peak! He is far from finished with you on this earth and there is so much more to be unwrapped of your spiritual gifting! Picture it like this: the Holy Spirit came to you in the garden and gave you a […]

Your gifts

The Holy Spirit has taken great care to pick out only the perfect gifts for you; to wrap them and prepare them – just for you. Now you have unwrapped them with gentleness and care. However, at times you have held these gifts in your hand and said, ‘What am I going to do with […]

Come in further, deeper

I saw someone sitting on a beach close to the water’s edge. They were watching the waves as the sea lapped on the shore. It was a hot day and the water looked so refreshing. They were longing to try the water – to dip their toes in, or to walk into the waves; to cool […]

The power is on!

I heard the Lord say, ‘These are the days of my power. I am moving in power across the earth, across nations, across people groups. Behold I am doing a new thing!’ There are those of us in the Western world who are sceptical of these things… we ‘raise an eyebrow’ in our hearts. And […]

Impossible Relationships made Possible

With the Lord, all things are possible. The festive season often forces us to confront situations that we would rather not face – including those ‘impossible’ relationships for which there seems no hope of redemption, no hope of a turn around. Yet the Holy Spirit showed me a picture of a snooker (or pool) ball, […]

Healing the chasms

The Holy Spirit showed me a scene with a person standing on one side of a great canyon and a grappling hook being thrown to the other side. The person is joined by one person after another, each one throwing a grappling hook. All together they began to draw the walls of the great canyon […]