Will you allow Me to come and remove the splinters from your life? Why do you fear the pain of the removal of these things that would irritate and agitate you? Are you more willing to allow these things to fester and rot in your life than you are willing to allow Me to remove […]

A new and better way

Today the Lord is breaking the cycles of repetitive behaviour you have struggled with daily: I speak to cycles of negative thoughts that self-condemn and say, “No more!” I call to order eating patterns that have caused your body harm, created an in-balance in your system and brought about patterns of low mood. And God […]

Seek Me first and I will protect you

I embrace you, my child, and wrap you in my love. Just as a child watching a meal being prepared looks up to the pots and pans on the hot stove, you do not see the danger. A child does not see the danger of the hot food being prepared; he only sees the handle […]

Lay down all that hinders

Oh my people, who are called by my name – my people who are living in torment, disappointment, mistrust, depression; and you who are living with addictions and vices which have a grip on your life: I speak life to you – life over you – and a release from all that would seek to […]

He has forgiven you

It is now time to get rid of the embarrassment of your sin. This has gone on far too long. You have asked God to forgive you. You have cried out to God for those around that you have hurt. God has heard your cry. He knows you far better than you know yourself. He has […]