Lay hold of your healing

It is always our compassionate Saviour’s desire to heal. We are going to see this visibly demonstrated in greater measure in the coming days. Old wells of healing have been re-opened, many new wells have been dug. We are in a year, a decade of miracles….. increasing, increasing, increasing. It is time for YOU who […]

A peace and clarity is coming

I saw a vision of you, standing looking into a pool in a gently-flowing river, your reflection becoming clearer as the water flowed more calmly. As you looked closer, the things which have been confusing and concerning you suddenly made sense. You see who you are and, more importantly, who your God is. Peace is […]

Affect the season, not the other way round

Yesterday’s word reminded us that, ‘The enemy means to bring in despair and depression when the sun does not shine; yet, I am the light within you‘. Today the Holy Spirit highlights a similar theme, specifically bringing to mind the condition known as Seasonal Affective Disorder, a depression that usually manifests in the winter, when the mornings and […]