Whirlwind of freedom and purity

I see a whirlwind, like a brilliant white tornado, representing the growing influence of the Spirit of God’s power and grace in your life. The wind is there to remove those roots of darkness in hidden closed rooms and comes to bring freedom; and to increase your ability to fellowship and flow with the body […]

The power of His blood

In the past few months there have been days when you have felt a shadow and oppression come around you. Sometimes it is has been too close for comfort and you knew it should not be so close. Jesus reminds you today of the power of His shed blood. His blood puts a line of […]

My Ambassador

My child, I have made and appointed you to be my Ambassador. Yes – you! Remember that you no longer belong to this world and its systems. You belong to me and to me alone. You are a person of influence, my representative, and I have called you to be my shining light in the […]

Don’t drown – live fully in me

I had a vision of a group of God’s people: they were drowning, flailing in the deep waters. In the vision, the water depicted the world and worldly living. Two lifebelts were thrown to the people in the water and these lifebelts had written on them FAITH and SPIRIT. I heard the Lord say, ‘My people are being […]