Deep calls to deep

The Lord is drawing you down into the depths of His love and intimacy; He is leading you deeper into His ways. There He wants you to focus on His overwhelming love for you. You and Him. No other. As you go into the greater depths with Him, He will raise you up to the […]

True intimacy restored

Jesus, your Saviour, your redeemer, calls to you today: ‘Come and find me. Come and find me again’. He is deepening – and even renewing – intimacy between Him and you – between Heaven and earth. Come to Him and He will heal and restore your understanding and experience of intimacy. Where human relationships have […]

His lightning strikes will make space for you

I saw a lightning bolt strike out of God’s Heaven and land at your door, right where you were standing. You were holding your diary, and the diary contents had spilled out because it was so full. But its fullness was not a sign of life, instead your diary was full of distractions. God has […]


My beloved I long to come to you, to be intimate with you. I linger outside the door to your heart. I thrust my hand through the small opening you have left, that I might leave even the fragrance of my presence, that I might draw you out into a place of freedom. How my […]