My precious jewel

Your loving, heavenly Father speaks to you today, saying, ‘My dear child, you are My precious jewel. You are finer than the finest of rubies, sapphires and diamonds. Don’t turn away! Don’t dismiss My words to you today – don’t try to apportion them to someone else, for I speak truth to you! Listen and […]

The Jewel

Creator God holds you up before His eye. You are a beautiful, sparkling jewel in His mighty hand and striking, colourful shards of light burst forth from every side and angle of you. Your Heavenly Father is delighted with you and is proud of His craftsmanship. But I hear the jewel groan as He turns it […]

The First Teardrop

My Heavenly Father showed me a small, golden box; it was covered in precious jewels. I had never seen anything so beautiful! He asked me to open the box. Inside I found one single teardrop. I asked Father what it was and He said, ‘This is the first tear of repentance. I keep them all, […]