The rock of encouragement

Praise the Lord joyfully today! Serve Him with gladness as you go about your life’s routines. Do not be discouraged by your circumstances; do not allow your circumstances to discourage you! You may feel that all around you is shifting, sinking sand but know that you stand on a solid bedrock that does not move, […]

Golden Grain

I saw a barn full of golden grain, which represented the blessing of God. It was ready to be divided up amongst the people – God had a purpose to pour abundantly over believers’ lives. However the door was held shut with such force that no man’s strength alone could open it. I asked God […]

Receive my joy

I am releasing my joy to you today. I desire for you to receive the fullness of joy I have for you and to place it in your heart. My joy is something you will feel – it is not an idea or a thought. It is something tangible that you can get hold of, […]