Cry out for justice

I am calling you to cry out to Me for your nation. I am calling you to cry out for justice where there is injustice and hope where there is hopelessness. Even in these days of ungodliness and fear, don’t lose sight of who I am and what I want to do in your nation. […]

Healing the open wounds of justice

Injustice can cause great scars. The Holy Spirit is revealing that some have been dealt such lashes by injustice that it is as if their skin has been torn to shreds. The enemy has then taken great delight in throwing grit into the open wounds, causing more torment and extending the agony. For those who […]

The declaration of warrior-men

The swords are held high and I see a line of warrior-men; true and steady, slowly marching to the beat. The beat is drawing these men in unity, drawing them to lead the way. It draws them to say, ‘No more!’ and to declare that righteousness, truth and love will and shall be brought back […]

For the offended: those who endure injustice and accusation

I see a man and he is angry. What was done to him is unjust and his case against his accuser is certainly clear. Yet, in this picture no one seems to be coming to his aid. He cries out to God, ‘where are you when the righteous suffer undue accusations and lies?’ I hear the Lord […]

Hear my voice, my sheep

I am the good Shepherd, and I care for and love my sheep. Many of you lament over your past actions and inaction. Many worry that their consciences have been seared and their ears dulled to my voice. But I say to you my beloved; ‘Look to me and to my blood, shed for my […]

A good new thing

Lift up your eyes and see what I am doing in this nation, the things beyond your own circumstances. Look, I am doing a new thing and I call YOU to be part of it! It is time to pick up the authority that I have given you and declare forth my Word over the […]

The Kingdom of God in you

God is seeking to demonstrate His Kingdom in and through you. It is not His plan to pass you by and let someone else carry His glory. God has expectations to useyou for signs, wonders, miracles, healing and establishing the justice of Heaven here on earth. You must not let thoughts of your age, life experiences and […]