The song of the redeemed

The song of the redeemed is rising from the nations. It rises like a fragrance might rise from a scented candle, spiralling heavenwards. Your redemption song rises too, carried out from you by the Holy Spirit, drawn upwards by the very nostrils of God*. As your song twists and turns – dancing – it mingles […]

Come and know me

You are loved with an everlasting love. Before you were born, I loved you and created you to be you. In your trials and temptations, I love you. In your times of joy and happiness, I love you. In your times of stress and busyness, I love you. There is nothing that you can do to […]

The Father’s loving gaze is upon you

A mother stands at the side of the cradle, watching lovingly as the little one sleeps. Her husband drapes a blanket over her shoulders and stands behind her holding her tight. The two of them gaze in awe and love at the little one asleep in the cradle. Father God would say to you this […]

Gifts, released from Heaven

I saw thousands of pairs of wings being released from Heaven. They were on either side of boxes and the wings were bringing the boxes to earth. The boxes were different colours and contained gifts inside them. God says of the gifts, ‘These gifts I give to you – gifts of love, gifts to strengthen; […]

Re-kindle the fire

Get your trust back; start now make new boundaries for yourself. Forgive yourself – and forgive those who you have tried to impress, only to be crushed and discouraged. Lift your head up and know how much you are loved. Read more of the Word. Get into that place of discipline again. You have not […]