Mountain, Be Moved!

Just as Jesus commanded the lame man to pick up his mat and walk (John 5), so He is commanding you to speak to sickness and tell it to go. He reminds you today that you He has given you authority to command things to come into order – to speak to the ‘mountain’ and […]

The valley of the glory wave

A number of angels with trumpets are hovering over a dam wall which is holding back masses of water. As they sound their trumpets they blast the wall open and the water comes flooding out! And the Lord says, ‘Position yourself my children. Position yourself in front of the Glory I am releasing and pouring out […]

Spread abroad the fragrance

A ship stands in the harbour, tied to the dock, looking and longing to move out to the openness of the sea. The ship is filled full of various kinds of spices: cinnamon, all spice, cloves and so on. The Lord would say to you that the time of your release has come, no more […]

You’re Alive!

Whilst you still have breath in your body, know that you are alive! Have you ever had the feeling that you’re ‘marking time’, as if waiting for something else, something more to happen? Is it a ‘call’ that you are waiting on? If so, know that you are called today. The call of the Lord is […]

Step into the depths of the rushing waters

Do you hear the sound of the many waters rushing together? Do you see the many streams flowing as one river? This is my church, this is my body. This is my Spirit in them, flowing together as one mighty river. I am detouring streams from their current course. I am moving the mountains that […]

Are you ready to step on board?

The Lord showed me a beautiful, golden train preparing to leave the station. There were five minutes left on the clock before it was due to leave. I felt a sense of urgency to get on board the train and not to miss it. A few people were on already, eating choice food and drinking […]

Forward Propulsion!

Be strong. Stand firm! Face forwards and look to what the Lord is doing – and is going to do. Though there is great trouble around and behind you – and though you feel that this is on the increase, coming like an explosion in a tunnel – the Lord will make use of it […]

I am here, say ‘yes’

To you who are lonely, you who are isolated and you who cry out in the night and desire rescue, I say: Here I am. I am here. I am coming and I will be your fulfillment. Your heart’s cry is heard, your life is in my hands and will be fulfilled in all righteousness […]

Climb onto the Lion’s back

Look! Listen! The Lion is on the move! (Of course, you didn’t need an email to tell you this! …you have already been feeling a stirring in your spirit, a rising up of excitement, joy and anticipation at what your Lord Jesus is doing in your life and in the life of those around you.) […]