Unquenchable Fire

When I light a fire it will not be quenched. No longer will the enemy be allowed to come and stub out that which has been lit by my Spirit. I am removing the ‘sensors’ of the enemy that have previously alerted him to attempt to put out the fire. When the fire has been […]

A generation on fire!

God has chosen to clothe this generation in fire. And we, His sons and daughters are part of this chosen generation – a chosen generation. You are included. No-one is excluded from the plans of our great and merciful Father. The skies above Glasgow this morning are clear and blue. As I looked into the […]

You are entering the day of boldness

To those of you who are of my church; my beautiful bride I say, ‘listen to what the Spirit says to the church. For my church is not an organisation, nor is it a group or a club, nor is it a denomination or a ‘ministry’. My church is my people, those who are blood-bought […]

Veils of Light

Hanging all around you are veils of light, gold and silver, each catching the reflection of my face. You move this way and that trying to get a better look at my face. Longing is stirring in your heart as you search for me and catch a glimpse of my back as I move further […]

No shadow of turning

Know now that there is no ‘shadow of turning’ in me! Have I not spoken and will I not do? Why do you think I have turned my back on you? You are mine and my eye is always on you! I know the shame you have carried and I know the ways you have tried […]

Who lives inside you?

John 14:23 Jesus replied, “Anyone who loves me will obey my teaching. My Father will love them, and we will come to them and make our home with them. Have you forgotten who lives inside of you? Have you forgotten the greatness of your God? Remember, remember, remember! You are not your own, you were […]

The winds of heaven are blowing!

Although everything you see around you looks darker and bleaker, and the armies of the evil one are amassed and ready for war, the winds of heaven are blowing! I am blowing across you, my people, and across this land. Be conscious of the flames of the Holy Spirit within you this day and throughout […]

Come, rest in my grace and favour

It’s enough, it’s enough, it’s enough… my grace is really enough! Standing in me, facing forward is all that I am asking of you. I am not asking for you to create or design or make the way clear. I am not asking for you to change the ones in front of you. I am not […]

The weapons of our warfare

I saw a vision of a sword. It was dull and you picked it up. The call was, “Sharpen, sharpen, sharpen the sword, for it allows you to cut off that which is binding, hindering and coming against you”. As it was sharpened it grew brighter and more radiant. Darkness gave way to the light […]

Only in God

Joshua 24:15 …Choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve…But as for me and my household, we will serve the LORD. How long my people, will you play with fire? There is a decision that needs to be made in your heart to serve God and Him only! No more excuses or procrastination. It […]