Good boundaries

Don’t get frustrated at the good boundaries that the Lord has placed in your life. They are there to protect you, not restrict. He has set these boundaries because you do not see the danger that lies outside them. Trust Him on this. The Lord wants you to come into a new level of trust with Him […]

One sequence at a time

I see a padlock that requires a combination code to unlock it. And the Spirit of the Lord says, ‘You have had many locksmiths come to try and unlock the things that hold you back but I am the only One who holds the sequence of numbers to break open your life to the complete […]

Do you see the shift in your life?

I am watching over you. I know your heart: its desires, its joy, its lacking, its longing. I hear your heart’s cry for more of me in your life. I am on the move in, and through, you. Do you perceive it? I am on the increase in your life, as I am remove those […]