Shake It Off – your Lion Bite word for today

LION BITES Shake it off. It’s time to shake off the former things, throw off the weight of the past season and run into the new with boldness and courage, which the enemy is trying to rob from you this season. The enemy wants to hold you in former pains, past hurts, traumas and silence […]

Brush Yourself Off – your Lion Bite word for today

LION BITES On your feet!  Stand up! It’s time for action to be on the move. This is not the time to sit with your feet up.  This is not the time to hide in the back row. I have readied you for action. You are “booted and suited”. It’s time to move.  You are […]

Look At The Nations! – your Lion Bite word for today

One by one, I am reclaiming the nations; and I have called you to be my hands and my feet. Stand on the land, take the terrain and prophesy my plans for the nation. Grab my people, reach out in compassion and servanthood and claim my people as I have decreed. Done are the days […]

Pressed But Not Crushed – your Lion Bite word for today

I hear the Spirit of the Lord say, ” You are not crushed. What feels like pressure from every angle, you are NOT crushed! You are not broken and destroyed, but you are rich with His mercy and goodness every day. I am setting ease on this pressure and replacing it with Heaven’s glorious weight […]

Higher Ground – you Lion Bite word for today

I am taking you to higher ground.  At times, the path will feel steep or uneven.  The pace will feel too fast.  Trust me; I know your capacity as your climb with me. Don’t focus on the rocks or the narrowness of the path.  The enemy would seek to lead you “up the garden path”, […]

Come Close – your Lion Bite word for today

Today, Jesus is drawing you closer, and He is welcoming you into a place of greater intimacy and union with Him. Some of you think that you cannot possibly get any closer. Some will think they are too unworthy. Jesus stands and says, “I have already made a way, and in me, there is always […]

Surrounded – your Lion Bite word for today

When you feel you are surrounded, look again. When you feel like the world is closing in on you, look again. Ask me to open your eyes to see. And you will find that the thing surrounding you is my love. I have placed my heavenly hosts at your disposal, and your victory is assured. […]

Get Up And Move – your Lion Bite word for today

Get up and Move! This is the season of growing influence and Authority in the land I have called you to dwell in. I am calling you to relocate to a new land for some of you, but for many, I am increasing your influence in the land, and it is time to get up […]

Abandoned Worship – your Lion Bite word for today

Just as in days of old, expectant crowds received their king riding on a donkey, your king is coming in ways that will take you by surprise.  It is time for war, and your Warrior King will lead you to battle with your service, with your worship and your surrender. As David, the abandoned worshipper […]

Make Way For The Warrior King – your Lion Bite word for today

I saw ranks of heralds lined up either side of a large door with trumpets at the ready with red banners attached to them.  As the doors swung open, those inside were preparing for the entrance of the king. The trumpets sounded, heralding his arrival. Psalm 24: 7-10 (NIV) Lift up your heads, you gates; […]