Days of Power – Start 2020 Right!

Europe’s largest annual prophetic gathering – passionate worship, prophecy and powerful teaching from Emma Stark, Larry Sparks, Simon Braker & guests. Join 500 passionate and hungry worshippers in February 2020 as Glasgow Prophetic Centre’s eighth annual ‘start the year right’ conference once again returns to Glasgow’s prestigious Royal Concert Hall. Special guests include Larry […]

Know the tone of God’s voice – your Lion Bites word for today

John 10:4 ‘….and the sheep follow him, for they know his voice.’ Do you know your Heavenly Father’s voice? Most likely, you are saying ‘Yes’, or ‘I think I do’. But do you know the tone of His voice? A lot is conveyed by the tone of a voice. We need to know the tone […]

Trust in God –  your Lion Bites word for today

Many of you feel as though you’re standing at a crossroads with not just two options but four or more. As you stand confused and even perplexed, wondering which is the right way, the Lord says to you ‘Trust me!’. For some, these words may bring an anger or a frustration yet God continues, ‘Have I […]

Wake up to God’s reality –  your Lion Bites word for today

Many of you are fighting through ‘nightmare’ circumstances; family discourse, financial lack, ill health and emotional turmoil to name a few. But, in the same way you would awaken from a night terror and be filled with peace, so God is waking you up to His reality which is the supreme reality. The sickness in […]

God wants to teach you how to breathe –  your Lion Bites word for today

Father God is asking you to ask Him ‘do you believe me?’. You have read God’s word and you know that you believe Him. But, God is asking you to assess how much you really believe Him both personally and prophetically. Start to re-read, to think and to call to remembrance that which God has […]

Miracles on your knees –  your Lion Bites word for today

There are both individuals and businesses almost on their spiritual knees, weighed down by the pressure of the economic climate and the stress of the times. To those, the Lord says ‘Place your hands back on that which I gave to you. You have removed them following times of weariness and discouragement and disappointment has […]

Strength is rising in you –  your Lion Bites word for today

I heard the spirit of the Lord say ‘you are created in the image of a strong God and in this minute, strengthen is rising in you again. For you are not called as one who is to wither away, nor are you to be tossed around by every breeze or wind that blows around […]

The discarded is becoming beautiful –  your Lion Bites word for today

I saw lighting strike broken glass as it lay tossed aside, discarded as being of no value. Many of you may have felt like this before; tossed aside and of no value. But as I watched, the Lord struck the glass with flames of His fire, turning the discarded into things of beauty. The jagged […]

God is rebuilding you –  your Lion Bites word for today

I heard the Lord speak out of Isaiah 54 “’O storm-battered city, troubled and desolate! I will rebuild you with precious jewels and make your foundations from lapis lazuli.’ He says “I am coming to rebuild you and not only restore you to your former state but build you into something far stronger and far […]

God meant it for good –  your Lion Bites word for today

I saw a picture of a chrysalis in the last stages of becoming a butterfly, and with this, I heard the spirit of the Lord say “this change doesn’t happen in a moment, it takes time for the caterpillar to change into the butterfly. Every second of that time is essential to the forming of […]