God provides

Am I not your provider? Am I not Jehovah Jireh the one who provides all good things? You look at your life and you see lack. Lack of finance, lack of health, lack of provision. Yet am I not your God? Am I not the one who creates and supplies your every need? I am speaking to […]

I am Jehovah Jireh

I am opening doors of provision for you. This day, choose to believe again that I am your provider. I am your provider in ALL things, not just spiritually or emotionally, but practically and financially as well. You say to me, ‘But Lord I am not expecting you to provide finance or practical help beyond […]

Time to look for the super-abundance!

The Lord is prepared to pour out upon you – to pour over you what may seem frivolous to your eyes, to pour out upon you the very gold dust of heaven so that more of His character and goodness to you is revealed. People of God, it is time to look for the super-abundance and to expect […]

Time for flight – we’re taking the land!

I saw God’s people leaving behind their own mode of transport and clothing and getting into fighter jets and into position on battleships. They had their weapons and all were in uniform. I heard the siren released which means, ‘To your positions!’, and everyone ran to their post. I then heard the Lord say: ‘My […]

I will stand in the gap

I am your advocate and lawyer. I am your protection. I am your vindicator. I am your judge. I am your counsel. I am your provider. I see all your inadequacies yet I will stand in the gap when others fail you. I love the times you look to me for help. I will vindicate you […]

Don’t worry – trust Jehovah Jireh

Do not let fear or worry rob you of my joy and lightness. I know that you need many things and that you struggle when your circumstances mean you don’t move fully in what you perceive to be your destiny. I am Jehovah Jireh, the Lord who sees and provides. I don’t want you to be so caught […]

Freedom from financial fixation

Will you trust me today my child? Know that my grace is sufficient and I am more than enough for you. My desire is to bring a realignment to your heart where there has been an over-focus on money. Will you let me take this financial fixation and consequent burden from you? I want to […]