Let faith arise

I hear the Lord say, ‘Let faith arise, let faith arise, let faith arise within your spirits! …Not just for your daily needs but for so much more. Do not limit or cap what I want to do in your life and through your life. I am releasing to you this day new levels of […]

All that you need for today

Seek My wisdom for your situations and circumstances this day. Only I see the end from the beginning. As I hold you in my very hand, ask Me to guide your steps and give you wisdom. You have already tried many times to work things out on your own, which has only led to frustration […]

God provides

Am I not your provider? Am I not Jehovah Jireh the one who provides all good things? You look at your life and you see lack. Lack of finance, lack of health, lack of provision. Yet am I not your God? Am I not the one who creates and supplies your every need? I am speaking to […]

Milk and honey

I have brought you through a difficult and arduous journey, full of many twists and turns and what, at times, seemed like dead-ends. Know, however, that you have NEVER been out of my sight or out of my mind. I have never left you, nor forsaken you. I am bringing you into a wide open […]

You’ve endured… now see what’s coming

You have long endured trials, with those around you acting like Job’s friends, saying to you, ‘curse God’. They have watched and questioned but yet you have continued to stand – even though the answers didn’t seem to come. Now the Spirit of the Lord says, ‘lift your eyes and see what I am doing: […]

Are you hungry?

Picture a mother bird returning to her nest to feed her chicks: Each of the chicks hungrily reaches out for her to feed them. Not one of them is quiet, each chick is noisily vying to be fed, their beaks wide open. And today God asks, ‘How hungry are you? Do you want the best […]

I am Jehovah Jireh

I am opening doors of provision for you. This day, choose to believe again that I am your provider. I am your provider in ALL things, not just spiritually or emotionally, but practically and financially as well. You say to me, ‘But Lord I am not expecting you to provide finance or practical help beyond […]

Time to look for the super-abundance!

The Lord is prepared to pour out upon you – to pour over you what may seem frivolous to your eyes, to pour out upon you the very gold dust of heaven so that more of His character and goodness to you is revealed. People of God, it is time to look for the super-abundance and to expect […]

Divine Wealth

I have given you the ability to gain wealth, why then will you throw it away, saying, ‘I should be doing something else’? My Kingdom needs the wealth that is in your hands. Each man is called according to my purpose and there is no lesser and no greater job in my Kingdom. Each, when […]

Time to fly again

I saw a man paragliding from the top of a high hill. Above him the canopy was multi-coloured. He could see for miles; nothing was blocking his view. It is time for you to have a new perspective. For too long you have looked down and seen the crumbs and accepted them as your lot, […]