I am your peace

There is chaos in this world. Yet I am peace. All over the globe you see destruction, devastation and breakdown of man’s systems. Yet I am the Lord and I am Sovereign. You question the time and the season you are living in. Yet I am the creator of all things and hold time in […]

A heart expansion

My child, the words I give you today are medicine for your heart. You may not understand what my words mean but receive them in your heart, for I am doing a new thing inside of you: I am increasing your capacity: to love; to give and receive understanding; to listen and act without fear. […]

It’s time to listen more

There is so much that God wants to share with you at this time. He does not want you to miss a beat of what he is doing. I see heaven releasing revelation and communication. It looks liked coloured waves of light rolling towards us. But our ears are not attentive, our hearts are distracted […]

Scrolls from Heaven!

I am releasing scrolls from Heaven: scrolls with instruction, strategy and direction for individuals, church groups and nations. Tune into my voice, spend time in my presence, so that you might receive your instruction. I am releasing a wave of strategies for your daily life and the advancement of the Kingdom on Earth. You need […]

Open your heart

Walk with me by the still waters, take my hand and hear my voice. I am speaking to you even now. Will you agree to open your heart to me even more? You hear, receive and speak to me from your heart – will you open your heart to receive the more I have for […]