An invitation to rest

My child, do not become frustrated when I continue to say to you, ‘Rest’. For just as the lion spends much of his day resting in preparation for short and intensive bursts of activity, so I am encouraging you to discover rest in Me. Yes, this can be rest in activity but, in addition, I […]

Remain in me

This is a time to remain in me and not a time to turn away – even if it may have seemed like it has been a season of dryness over your life. Be assured that, although all on the surface may seem dry and dead, underneath there is an amazing transformation happening. Your roots are going […]

He will sustain these small beginnings

The Sovereign Lord is your sustainer and the fulfiller of your vision. Do not grow weary of the things that He has birthed within you. Even those things of Him that He awakened within you two, three and four years ago – the Lord gave you these dreams; He knows the passions of your heart […]

Come in further, deeper

I saw someone sitting on a beach close to the water’s edge. They were watching the waves as the sea lapped on the shore. It was a hot day and the water looked so refreshing. They were longing to try the water – to dip their toes in, or to walk into the waves; to cool […]

Washed in the Word

As you rise in the morning and wash away the sleep of the night, so shall you wash in the Word of God. As you cleanse your body, so shall the Word refresh and cleanse your soul. As you recline in a warm bath and allow the water to enclose around you, so shall the […]

For those who feel leaky and drained…

‘I leak! I leak! How can I sustain this life in Christ when I feel so drained?!’ You say you are drained. That is the way I created you, to leak my presence, to leak my joy, love, heart and passion. So don’t be surprised when you feel drained. Be encouraged that you have leaked […]

Peaceful Sleep

God has a plan to blow His wind of peace over you. It will refresh and restore. This is not just for the daytime, but carries peace for the night. Where night times are disturbed and sleep is robbed, God’s peace will settle and calm. It will hold you like a new born is held […]


You seek and look for transformation. You long to see your community changed, your church revived, your business restored, your family reconciled… you are desperate to see your world and your nation changed. I say, look to me – am I not the one who creates, who gives and brings life where there is death? […]