A Day of Healing

I saw a river of blood flowing, it was your blood. There was debris in it. There are things coursing through you that need to be removed: from wrong focuses, to sickness and from lethargy to depression. There was a need to have it sifted and cleansed. And I heard God say that He will […]

Forwards to your completed restoration

Father says: Your destiny and my plan for your life is up ahead of you, not behind. The time for lingering and looking back is coming to an end. I would not have you focused on the past any longer, but encourage you now to forgive and move forward. I want to bring you to […]

Restoration of peace

My people, I have heard your cry. Where there has been oppression, depression, loss, grief and – in some cases – your very essence of life stolen and taken from you, I will restore what has been stolen. I will restore what the enemy has wrecked as he brought havoc to your life. I am […]

Celebrate with Heaven!

Heaven is celebrating! There is rejoicing over the faithful. The Lord of Heaven smiles over you because you have been faithful and you remain faithful, even now: even as you stare at the ruins of what once was. Despite the barrenness that surrounds, you have faithfully defied the enemy. You have resisted the temptation to […]

Seasonal awareness and your restoration

Your Father says, “I am bringing seasonal awareness to you. Where your vision has been blurred you will find things now coming into sharper focus”. Allow your Father’s light to stream into the room of your life and illuminate the areas that he wants to restore. As your eyes are opened you will begin to […]