Each drop of blood of our Saviour paid the price for each and every link in the chains that bind us to be broken off our lives! Each drop of blood of our Saviour paid the price so that these chains might fall to the ground – and they will never have a hold on […]

The Tear

I watched as a single tear, rolled down the cheek of my beloved. It was a tear of memory, of a love that will never die; never fade; never hold back; a love that will always be there for you, that will hold you through all your life; a love for eternity. A love that took […]

Do not doubt your breakthrough

Sound the trumpet, bang the drum, the Lord is marching out in splendour! A cry of victory goes before him, for He is never defeated. In awesome majesty He rides across the heavens. The earth shakes, the mountains tremble before His greatness. Earth is His footstool and heaven is His throne. His eyes blaze like […]

Victory is Yours!

I am the victorious Lion of Judah, I am the Lamb that was slain and is alive forever more. Is my arm too short that it cannot save? Was my blood not victorious for you? Look to the cross: it is empty and blood stained. Look to the grave: it is left desolate. Look to […]