Unexpected Gifts

My children! You who are called by My name! You who are standing with Me and calling for Me to come and move! I am releasing delights to you! Delights in the things of My Kingdom. As you watch and survey all that is good and noble of My Kingdom, you will access new levels […]

I am quickening the pace of your journey

My precious child, follow me. Look up at me and you will see where I am going – you cannot follow what you cannot see  When you look down at your feet in pain or in sorrow you lose sight of where I am walking – you lose sight of me. So give me those things […]

Seeing the way ahead

Today God wants to illuminate the next step in an area of your life that you have held back from taking a decision in. Up to now you have mulled over several options, but today God will enable you to see which is the way forward. You will receive a new perspective. It will be […]

There is more for you – see the new

My dear child, will you allow me to place my hand under your chin and raise your head? My desire is to lift your head up, so that your gaze shifts to see the new things that I am bringing to your horizon. I can do this despite you, because I am the Lord, but […]

See with clarity and precision

“This is a time when I am removing the scales from your eyes, I am calling you to be one who sees with clarity and precision”, says the Lord. With this increase of sight comes an empowering of your decision-making capabilities. “This is the time of both wisdom and revelation. I will not have my […]