Night and Day (part 2)

Jesus Christ, our King, the Lord of our lives, wants to train His people in day-and-night/night-and-day worship; worship out of the depths of our sanctified spirits. It is as if an intensive ‘bootcamp’ or ‘workout’ has been opened up, where the bride of Christ can enter and be trained in personal, Spirit-filled worship. And the […]

The Father’s loving gaze is upon you

A mother stands at the side of the cradle, watching lovingly as the little one sleeps. Her husband drapes a blanket over her shoulders and stands behind her holding her tight. The two of them gaze in awe and love at the little one asleep in the cradle. Father God would say to you this […]

I will stand in the gap

I am your advocate and lawyer. I am your protection. I am your vindicator. I am your judge. I am your counsel. I am your provider. I see all your inadequacies yet I will stand in the gap when others fail you. I love the times you look to me for help. I will vindicate you […]