Don’t go there!

Psalm 91:1 He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will abide in the shadow of the Almighty. Stress is a barren and jagged land where there is no shelter from the elements. It is a place without joy and without fulfillment. Do not go there today! That is not where you will […]

The Lord is working on your behalf

Regardless of how you may feel, regardless of how you may perceive your circumstances, regardless of what you may see… I STILL have my finger on the pulse You only see what is before you, so you do not have full understanding of the beginning and the end. I, your Lord God, see the whole […]

See with new hope

Do not despair in these times. Allow Me to lift the veil of oppression, fear, doubt, worry and stress from you. Choose to breathe in My life-giving words, words that will release you from what others may think or say of you. Your circumstances may look unchangeable but as I remove this veil of untruths […]

Walk with strength

When a child learns to walk, the toddler tentatively takes faltering steps. Confidence is gradually gained and, over time, strength comes to the legs and speed comes to the walk. You have walked like that child, stepping cautiously, knowing that there is ground for you to take, but afraid that you might be knocked off […]

My arm is not too short

My child, My arm is not too short that it cannot save, and My ear is not dull to your cry. So why fear what is ahead of you, or the secret intentions of people’s hearts? Why fear and be concerned about what others think or say about you? I am the God of your […]


The Lord says, ‘Peace be still’. . Mark 4:39  Then He arose and rebuked the wind, and said to the sea, “Peace, be still!” And the wind ceased and there was a great calm. He is the calm to your storm today, but you must speak out with Him. ‘Peace be still’. The Lord says: […]

New hope and purpose

Every generation is important to the Lord. There is no ‘forgotten generation’. For the Spirit of the Lord says, ‘I am calling even the older generations into a time of awakening. If you believe in your hearts that I still have a plan and a purpose for your life then I will begin to reveal […]

Child, I esteem you

Child, I esteem you. I honour you. I see your faithfulness to me over time and today I want you to hear my ‘Well Done’. You have walked with grace and tenacity and over you I delight today. I speak over your spirit and I commend you. Isaiah 66:2b These are the ones I look […]

You can move the mountain!

You have faith! Do you believe that you can move the mountain that is before you, as Jesus promised you could? God says to you today that the mountain before you is a training ground; satan, the deceiver, tells you otherwise. He whispers in your ear that this is a faith-limiter, or even the end […]

You will overcome, by my Spirit

Activate your spirit and do not allow your flesh to rule over you. Worship me and fix your eyes upon me. As you walk by the Spirit you will have strength for everything I call you to. Ask me to fill you with my Spirit and you will not go astray. It’s not by might […]