‘Peace Be’ to Your Circumstances

Jesus is standing in the midst of your circumstances like He did on the boat in the midst of a storm with His disciples and, like that moment, decreeing ‘peace be’ to every storm you find yourself in. For God does not desire that you live life always fighting through winds and waves, He did not position […]

You can move the mountain!

You have faith! Do you believe that you can move the mountain that is before you, as Jesus promised you could? God says to you today that the mountain before you is a training ground; satan, the deceiver, tells you otherwise. He whispers in your ear that this is a faith-limiter, or even the end […]

A new season of entirely different beauty

As autumn approaches, the leaves on the trees begin to change colour. Then, in a little while, in the gentle breeze, individual leaves fall off of the branches and gently float down to the ground. The whole countryside takes on a completely different character as greens give way to golden browns and reds, and a […]

Floodgates of mercy

“On the mount of crucifixion, fountains opened deep and wide. Through the floodgates of God’s mercy flowed a vast and gracious tide.” Know, my people, that the floodgates of my mercy are open for you. They opened 2,000 years ago for you, and they haven’t been closed! Know also that, as these floodgates were opened at […]

Gifts, released from Heaven

I saw thousands of pairs of wings being released from Heaven. They were on either side of boxes and the wings were bringing the boxes to earth. The boxes were different colours and contained gifts inside them. God says of the gifts, ‘These gifts I give to you – gifts of love, gifts to strengthen; […]

The Kingdom of God in you

God is seeking to demonstrate His Kingdom in and through you. It is not His plan to pass you by and let someone else carry His glory. God has expectations to useyou for signs, wonders, miracles, healing and establishing the justice of Heaven here on earth. You must not let thoughts of your age, life experiences and […]

Who will you listen to today?

I hear God asking you, “Who will you listen to this day?” As we move into new levels of the miraculous in this nation we need to be a people filled with faith and expectation. Do you know who your God is and do you trust what He can and will do? Scotland will see miracles and […]