Keep in time with the Lord

‘Get in step with Me at this time, as I move at a greater pace across the nations,’ says God. ‘Move, accelerate, catch-up and get in step with Me!’ The Spirit of the Lord is calling, ‘Catch up! Catch up!’ – because many are ‘missing the bus’ (so to speak)… as if many are dawdling […]

Keys of solution

God is releasing releasing keys into your hands; new keys for this season. Take hold of them and watch for the opportunities He presents to you to apply them to your life situations, to the doors that have been shut until this point. See how they open with such ease. Take hold of these keys by […]

Travel light

You were made for freedom and easy movement, yet you have felt heavy and restricted. You packed your bags for the long journey with every eventuality in mind. You said, “I’d better take this just in case… and these things just to be on the safe side”. But know that this journey is a journey […]

My timing is perfect

I desire to bring balance to the way you live your life and discern my instructions. When I call you into something, my timing is perfect. I am bringing an end to rushing into things just because you see others doing what you think you should be doing. I am also bringing an end to […]

I look on you with great delight

As you watch the flowers bloom, with all the beautiful colours bursting through, and marvel at my life and the beauty of Creation, remember that you are my most precious and exquisite design. I still look on you with great delight – seeing beyond your best or worse efforts and bringing my plans for you to […]

Your time has not run out!

Colossians 1:17 He existed before anything else and he holds all creation together. My Beloved, you thought time had run out. Did you forget that I hold time in my hands, that I gathered it together and caused it to be? I am not constrained by it or forced by it. It holds no authority […]