A new season of entirely different beauty

As autumn approaches, the leaves on the trees begin to change colour. Then, in a little while, in the gentle breeze, individual leaves fall off of the branches and gently float down to the ground. The whole countryside takes on a completely different character as greens give way to golden browns and reds, and a […]

See your destiny in Me

Listen, my children. I am calling you higher. I am calling you to a place where you can see more clearly, a place high above the trees that block your view. I am lifting you up to see beyond your experiences and expectations, beyond your imaginings and dreams. I am raising up a generation of […]

You are evergeen

God is taking you into a deep place with Him. It is evergreen – it will not wither or die. It is a place of vitality and freedom, a place of bringing-back dreams that have been deferred. You will not grow weary on this journey, for God’s hand is on you. Don’t look at those […]