A call to unity

The Spirit of the Lord says, I see how the enemy has bought confusion and division among My people. Today I am calling My people to unity. For where unity is, there is blessing, favour and life. My children, don’t be unaware of the enemy’s schemes. He has used offense, rejection and pride to divide the […]

Choose Unity

Psalm 133:1,3 How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity! …For there the Lord bestows his blessing, even life forevermore. I am coming as a lion to tear down that which needs torn down. I am tearing down the walls, the boundaries, between you and me. They are coming down. The […]


The Lord showed me a vision of white crosses moving along the highways and byways; down the roads and the freeways of the world. As the crosses moved forward, I saw that there were people carrying the crosses. The crosses represented the churches of the world and the people were congregations, those that step up […]

The declaration of warrior-men

The swords are held high and I see a line of warrior-men; true and steady, slowly marching to the beat. The beat is drawing these men in unity, drawing them to lead the way. It draws them to say, ‘No more!’ and to declare that righteousness, truth and love will and shall be brought back […]

Kingdom Promotion

Promotion in the Kingdom of God is not far off, or just around the corner – it is with you in this very moment. Promotion to the spiritual high places actually came to you the day Jesus became your Saviour. It is not that you are waiting for something else to be given before you […]


Unity is close to my heart and something that is essential in ushering in my Kingdom. I need my people to stand united together, loving each other extravagantly, with hearts that are not easily offended. Isolation would leave you feeling otherwise, because our enemy uses isolation very effectively at times, to control and influence. I […]

Be tightly knitted together in love

I am weaving my people together in new ways, creating new patterns and new fabrics amongst my people, says the Spirit of the Lord. This is a time for unity. It is a time for proactively making bonds with each other. If there is someone who you have felt you should be getting to know, […]