Good boundaries

Don’t get frustrated at the good boundaries that the Lord has placed in your life. They are there to protect you, not restrict. He has set these boundaries because you do not see the danger that lies outside them. Trust Him on this. The Lord wants you to come into a new level of trust with Him […]

I am quickening the pace of your journey

My precious child, follow me. Look up at me and you will see where I am going – you cannot follow what you cannot see  When you look down at your feet in pain or in sorrow you lose sight of where I am walking – you lose sight of me. So give me those things […]

Seek first the Kingdom

My Kingdom has come in your life -you are one who walks in my Kingdom. Yet my ways are not your ways and you see things differently to how I see them… I see that you were made for love, for the Kingdom, for my good pleasure. Will you choose today to see your position […]